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What is Email Marketing?

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This what I’ve learned about email marketing:

Just think of emailing on steroids…

It wasn’t that long ago that I was asking myself: “what is email marketing”, or “”how do I do it?” I decided it was right if I learned a few courses. I even used it on my own client base! (No better way to learn than to directly see the results right?) So I started taking some classes in which I got free courses from our local library on Lynda.com and I use it every day to sharpen my tools. I also learned that it is possible to program emails much like websites! That changed everything. I decided to track my numbers down to open rate so I could always improve on my message. The one that is in the picture is the very first welcome campaign for our 2K20 site. Email marketing can also fall under content marketing. That makes learning how to do it is important.



Having a game plan is very important…

You are writing these emails because they have shown interest in you! Show them that you value them by treating the ones who perform an action differently. This can only be done if you have a proper game plan utilizing one of the many software options out there. I used Constant Contact for the example in the picture. If you are starting a blog like we are, then have a plan for that! We are welcoming people to our newsletter in hopes to create a new community. Entrepreneurs and business owners learn best from sharing their success stories. This is nice to share with your new community and that is our plan for our email marketing campaign.


Design great looking emails!

I cannot emphasize enough how important following this tip can be! You want to make sure you are always delivering quality content. Just because it looks like email marketing, most people wouldn’t mind if it was great content. Most social media sites are mostly successful because of their immediate delivery of quality content. How do you think they knew to do that? We all told them by using similar techniques that we should all be using in our email marketing campaigns. I am constantly testing different versions to see which works better of the two.

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My name is David Evans and I consider myself an expert at behavioral analysis when it comes to the IoT of digital marketing. I am an ex-Googler who specialized in PPC campaigns and became fascinated with coding and programming to enhance the experience for users and learn how to keep them on the page longer. I'm excited to start this project because it is the combination of everything I've ever learned and integrating into an entire platform along with my colleagues.

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