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What is an Influencer? Here is My Take…

What is an Influencer?

You have most likely come across an influencer.

Modern day influencers are generally people or brands who have a large or niche following that can assist in generating a product or service more business. They usually have a very dedicated audience who has expressed interest by subscribing or returning to their content. Since time spent online is going up, using influencers as a form of brand awareness or marketing is quickly becoming more and more popular. The reality is this: now anyone can be a celebrity with the new platforms like YouTube or TikTok quickly becoming the leaders of time consumed viewing. So, what is an influencer and where are they found? Let’s explore:

Social Media and Influencers

Social media is no doubt one of the most used digital platforms going into 2020 and there are more influencers than ever before. In fact, a lot of them can even make careers out of it and make income from monetizing their channel. Instagram is what most people think of when they have popular figures or even celebrity profiles when the word influencer comes to mind. Social media based influencer marketing is growing traction because it is more visible and discreet to your target audience than ads. There are both pros and cons when using influencers to market on social media. (Think Fyre Festival)

Video Platforms

This is arguable the most valuable tool available because YouTube is one of the top 3 used search engines and it’s fascinating to say the least. The advantage I see in this space is that you have many opportunities to capture your audience and give them a sample of your work or personality. It’s always nice to have the audience feel like they know you. It builds trust better than most other forms of branding and that only increases if you do live videos. (They can’t be edited) The other features i love about YouTube is the integration capabilities on capturing audience data.

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My name is David Evans and I consider myself an expert at behavioral analysis when it comes to the IoT of digital marketing. I am an ex-Googler who specialized in PPC campaigns and became fascinated with coding and programming to enhance the experience for users and learn how to keep them on the page longer. I'm excited to start this project because it is the combination of everything I've ever learned and integrating into an entire platform along with my colleagues.


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