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Introduction to Digital Marketing for the Modern User

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is Basically ANY Marketing Online.

Did you know that the number of people who are starting to use the internet is still growing? Now we are entering the era of constant connectivity. It’s paramount that you are not only present online, but also active in engaging with your customers or clients. This isn’t as hard as you think as long as your core foundation is established correctly. The benefit of having an online presence is the amount of traffic you could be exposed to for a fraction of the price of physical marketing. There are many free methods of marketing that can be utilized to bring you business organically but you need to have the right tools to capture them. Just imagine being in your visitors shoes or better yet, their mind when you create that content to post on your social media platform… With proper setup, you can do exactly that! So here is a proper introduction to digital marketing. 🙂

Free Forms of Digital Marketing.

Social Media

I decided to get into this topic first since it is the one that you are most likely trying currently. You have the giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn that stand out but you also have the up-and-comers. Regardless of which platform you predominately use, it is extremely useful to see what your audience thinks behind closed doors. The opportunity that most people are missing is the ability to track visitor behavior down to the finish line. By concentrating on the core tactics that I will try to teach you in “the introduction to digital marketing”, you will learn that less can in fact be more. Social media platforms are full of influencers and people that fake it until they make it.

Email Campaigns

Now this is one of my favorite things to discuss as it is probably the most saturated form of marketing. The problem is, it still works. I will go ahead and start with the beauty of an email campaign and the fact is that you can track and see all of the users behavior down to the link that they click on. The problems are quite a bit more. Open rate and delivery success rate stand out to me at first as the core values I look for; however, read percentage and click-through rate are more important for my particular goals. Emails should be used as a way to learn more about your database and not necessarily to hard close them through the email. The ugly truth is this: if they didn’t ask you to communicate with them, they most likely won’t open your email.

SEO/Organic Search

This may be one of the most time consuming methods at getting leads but is extremely effective when done correctly. We help you understand how it works and how to do it rather than selling it to you. The reason for this is simply because you know your business better than we ever will, We know digital marketing, but every market and audience is different. There are key attributes and behavioral analysis we look for to help you improve your online presence, but at the end of the day you will have all the answers we will end up needing anyways. So our method is to teach you how so we can actually learn from you.


I won’t go too long on this one since I am an ex-Googler, but basically there is a lot of free marketing options available to you through Google that I can and will show you through our video training series. Some of the key products you should research are: Analytics, Maps, Google My Business and even Google+. There are a lot more resources available for free because Google wants your help making them more valuable. Gathering data is their thing, so you are a very important part of their model. Again, this is just the introduction to digital marketing; I will go over paid campaigns in a separate article.

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David Evans

My name is David Evans and I consider myself an expert at behavioral analysis when it comes to the IoT of digital marketing. I am an ex-Googler who specialized in PPC campaigns and became fascinated with coding and programming to enhance the experience for users and learn how to keep them on the page longer. I'm excited to start this project because it is the combination of everything I've ever learned and integrating into an entire platform along with my colleagues.

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